Kurup Movie Review

Kurup Movie Review

Kurup Movie Review

Dulquer Salmaan much alike his father has taken a route that is an amalgamation of mass and classic tales. This indeed becomes a subject of awe for many about this actor, who effortlessly keeps shifting the paradigms of characters and premises from one movie to the other. Just imagine, this guy endowing us with an enchantingly pleasant role in a movie like ‘Varane Avashyamund’, one of the last movies to hit screens prior to the pandemic season followed by this miraculous changeover into a highly hazardous fugitive called Kurup. This preface indeed should give you all a clear picture on what’s this movie all about. Conman finding a massive reach for the style and swag has been a case of rarity on big screens. Yes, it does happen with someone called a con, who in one way or the other becomes a saviour of masses (KGF, Nayagan, etc). But then, Kurup stands out to be an exception, where the characterization is laced with swags, thrills and mysteries. The story traverses from the 70s, 80s about the rise of Kurup, a military man, whose life goes through lots of uncalled-for twists, and no worries! He is the maker of his destiny. The story is narrated through various eyes including his military friends followed by the other characters and the cops, who have been on the endless hunt for him.

The best part about Kurup is the running length of this movie is 2hrs 40 minutes approximately, and still, there are not much of scenes that drags you. Even during such scenes, which happen rarely, DQ’s screen presence just makes it an appealing spell. The climax portion adds more intrigue to the entire film. The other actors in the movie Indrajith Sukumaran, Sobhita Dhulipala, Shine Tom Chacko and Shivajith have come up with a remarkable piece of work. Precisely, the performance of Indrajith Sukumaran is outstanding, who helps a lot for the movie to retain its intensity.

On the technical front, Kurup just makes an impressive spell. From the tone set by cinematography to the production designing, the movie commutes us exactly to those retro moments.

As on whole, Kurup directed by Srinath Rajendran is a movie that will never disappoint Dulquer Salmaan fans. More than all, it’s a good movie to watch it with the theatrical experience despite having some sluggish moments in the second half, but the powerful climax eclipses those little flaws.

Kurup Movie Review
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Verdict: A groovy tale that emblazons the swag, mass and punch dialogues to greater degree. A perfect treat for DQ fans.

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