Manithan Movie Review

Manithan Movie Review

Direction & Screenplay : I. Ahmed
Producer : Udhayanidhi Stalin
Story : Subhash Kapoor (Based on Jolly LLB)
Cast : Udhayanidhi Stalin | Hansika Motwani | Prakash Raj
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : R. Madhi
Editor : J. V. Manikanda Balaji
Production company : Red Giant Movies
Distribution : Fox Star Studios
Running Time : 150mins

Courtrooms on big screens have always been a centre of attraction, irrespective of what genre it is all about. They have raciness, emotional adherence or any one of these elements bounded to keep the situations getting more intense

What makes a huge difference between these two movies is that the way it has been presented and promoted. While Jolly LLB, the title itself had a humour, the makers managed to project the film as a social comedy with the trailers revealing it so. Nevertheless it slightly travels into a serious mode by the second hour. Nevertheless, director Ahmad and Udhayanidhi Stalin has seemingly made it look like a serious film and of course the title itself adds an emotional context.

The film is based on a real life theme that happened in 1999 about a hit and run case and the person behind is none other than son of a rich billionaire, who was drunk and ran over 6 innocents. The case is handled in defense of this criminal by none other than powerful Prakash Raj, who manages to get him through a safe and clean sweep. Udhayanidhi Stalin, who is a small time lawyer enters Chennai High Court and finds a hope of getting situations enlivened by handling this case. But sooner, the game of cloak and dagger starts happening and there comes a situation, where Udhayanidhi Stalin has to give up his fallible traits and go on with honesty to fight for justice.

First and foremost, every characterization in the film is sketched with deep prominence. This becomes a major plus and of course a slightest flip side. It is because in many places we find Udhayanidhi Stalin with low key profile and other characters getting to score more. Even during the sequences involving Udhayanidhi Stalin and Vivek, it’s the latter being emphasized with importance. Nevertheless, Udhay gets a spectacular situation to make it bigger by the last 15 minutes of courtroom scene. Hansika Motwani has nothing much to perform, though her screen presence is quite appreciable and she does right what is offered. The ultimate showstoppers are Prakash Raj and Radharavi. It’s been a long time we saw them just turning the spotlights on. Prakash Raj just takes sleepwalk of spell involving arrogance and prideful gesture. Radharavi although underplays in few parts manages to show up with excellent stroke by end. The hilarious portions by Vivek are sure to gain applause in theatres.

On the flip side, the extended duration with unwanted songs, especially during second half becomes a hampering element. Similarly, when compared to the original version, this one seems to be focusing more on Udhayanidhi Stalin to portray him as a hero. This should have been avoided and director should have kept it moderate. Although songs are good, it doesn’t fit in many places. Cinematography by Madhi is worthy of appreciations for we get to see Chennai in a different angle.

Overall, Manithan has a good intriguing plot, but if the screenplay was kept intact, it would have been more appealing. Except few portions and last 15 minutes, rest of the portions is just mediocre and yes it can impress the audiences to a certain extent.

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Manithan : Starts off slow and ends in passable mode

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