Marudhu Movie Review

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Direction & Writer : Muthaiah
Producer : GN Anbu Chezhiyan
Cast : Vishal | Sri Divya
Music : D Imman
Cinematography : Velraj
Editor : Praveen K. L.
Production company : Anna Gopuram Films
Running Time : 155 mins

Filmmaker Muthaiah has a brand written all over his films. Those who are keenly awaiting the rural based entertainers can lay their bets on this man and he would offer you something more conventional and convincing. He surprised us with his maiden debut ‘Kutti Puli’ that boasted of a substantial plot and powerful characterizations followed by Karthi-Lakshmi Menon starrer ‘Komban’. While the Fridays are frequently visited by unwanted genres and boring plots, he is someone who keeps himself limited to his boundaries. In fact, he deserves a groovy appreciation for consistently making village based films.

So how about Marudhu? The tall and dark protagonist as the title suggests is Marudhu, who is the saviour of villagers and is the first one to shoulder up against the evil things. On the other end, there is Rolex Pandian, played by producer Suresh of Studio 9. The film’s basic plot set in the backdrops of Rajapalayam revolves around the confrontation that strikes between them and by the course, tale shifts towards the emotional quotients of romance, sentiments and some touching moments too.

It looks like Vishal had intentionally chosen this film for his previous movies were completely city based and that he wanted to get back and re-establish his realms across sub-urban and rural zones. To a certain extent, the film works out some best results, but Muthaiah always has chosen message oriented dialogues conveyed by the characters, especially the elder ones in all his movies. Sasikumar’s mother and granny in Kutti Puli, Raj Kiran and Kovai Sarala in Komban were such illustrations and over here we have there. Moreover, all the protagonists in Muthaiah movies are tailor made to respect women and preach about it. We find the same with Vishal here and that’s actually a good one. Sri Divya has tried to showcase a matured performance and her role being an unconventional one compared to her previous releases deservs special mention. Soori as Vishal’s sidekick throws up routine comedy. RK Suresh, the baddie is gonna rule the market now and maybe, he should be on the top of list for many A-league superstars to lock the fists onscreen. Leela playing the grandmother of Vishal has done a remarkable job. Marimuthu has Sri Divya’s father is appreciable.

The major highlight of Marudhu is the casting of actors and their commendable performance. Although D Imman manages to score brownie points with the background score, the songs are nowhere closer to the screenplay and placement turns completely a bizarre. Cinematography is at its best and editing is laudable indeed.

To sum up with the overall analysis, Marudhu has a good content that would sumptuously gratify the village based audiences. The plot is so much predictable and we are just seated with the right assumption of what’s gonna happen next. Vishal gets the role perfectly tailored for him and Suresh on his best. The climax action sequences being done with raw and gruesome violence could have been avoided or else the film is passable.

Marudhu Movie Review
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Marudhu : Passable entertainer served for rural audiences

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