Miral Movie Review

Miral Movie Review

Miral Movie Review

A slasher-thriller isn’t a run-of-the-mill genre in Tamil cinema, and when filmmaker Sakthivel announced this rare concept, it indeed elevated the expectations. Significantly, with the film’s visual promos enhancing the appeal, this Bharath-Vani Bhojan-KS Ravikumar starrer ‘Miral’, bankrolled by G Dilli Babu of Axess Film Factory, hits worldwide screen today.

The married couple Bharath and Vani Bhojan have something to combat with the past. She is deeply hurt by a bizarre in the past, and her spouse is looking out for a solution. This is when, they decide to visit Vani’s parents (KS Ravikumar & Meera) to offer prayers to their native God. However, on their way back to Chennai during night time, they encounter a mysterious turmoil that tests their courage to combat the odds for survival.

During the initial moments of the film, we do feel that director Sakthivel resonates the signature of Ram Gopal Varma of 90s. The knack to offer the Goosebumps with jump scares and his ability to incorporate the best works of Prasad’s BGM and cinematography by Suresh Bala to elevate the psychological impact wins our attention. But sooner, we start feeling that the movie isn’t a perfect fit for full-length feature, but a mere short film. During the final episodes, just as the mystery gets unraveled, we are bound to tiresome rather than getting surprised. Although the emotional quotient in the flash back gains our sympathy, we still the logical issues pertaining to the female lead character.

Musical score by Prasad SN and Bharath’s hard work to give the best works out decent results even in the dull moments. The director has to be extolled for his ability to throw the ultimate scares during the second half, which will send shivers down the spine. However, these are supposed to be the auxiliary elements with a strong base of story and screenplay. In contrast, it looks like the entire movie is crafted banking hopes on these jump scares and thriller aspects.

Bharath has given his best. Vani Bhojan emotes very well. KS Ravikumar does what is required for his role. Rajkumar of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is okay.

Prasad SN’s BGM keeps saving the film in many places. It would be a real bonus for the Tamil filmmakers if they can extract his works for his movies.

The basic problem with Miral is the screenplay that spikes and drips, thereby letting the audiences distracted with a climax not so convincing.

Miral Movie Review
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Verdict: Miral has a bunch of impressive Jump scares, but could have been better with fine-tuning

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