Mukundan Unni Associates Review

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review

There’s a famous quote from one of the books written by Osho. By the time, a man or woman reaches 30, they become enlightened, not in the right way, but getting accustomed to the fraudulent and conniving world. Obviously, this becomes so much evident with the characterization of Vineeth Srinivas as Mukundan Unni. He has spent all his life till 30 working and sweating hard. His ambitious goals haven’t earned him a single penny. Just as the 30s crisis of an unsettled boy evolves him into a new agenda, so is Mukundan Unni, who wants to claim the wealth, power and a well-settled life within a year from now. He starts following the footprints of a top-league lawyer (Suraj Venjramoodu), who earns a big sum by setting up fake accidents for huge insurance claim. Mukundan’s spree of attempts to join the league ends up in vain, until he hatches an incredulously evil plan to bump of the big shark so that he can be the successor. Then begins the real game of Mr. Upheaval, who go to any extent to hit the bull’s eyes.

By the initial moments of the film, we do have a sympathy for Mukundan. Thanks to the perfect casting as Vineeth Srinivasan has already grabbed our attention in boy-to-next-door roles. But as the story keeps proceeding ahead, we are punched with scary hearts as he becomes volatile in his actions. His inner voice keeps popping up now and then propelling him to go ahead with an uncompromising attitude. Well, he isn’t the only anti-hero, but the other characters too are stung by gray shades. Even the girl he is in love with doesn’t miss to endorse those harshness but with the practical advocacies.

One might wonder, how far would be go to accomplish his dreams. By the time, the story reaches it peak point of climax, we are totally discombobulated on what’s next. It’s totally a Fate Vs Destiny moment by the end, where it all ends with a convincing style.

It is evident that filmmaker Abhinav Nayek Sundar has celebrated the writing process and the evolution of Vineeth Srinivasan’s character is the biggest attraction and takeaway for the audiences.

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review
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Verdict: Beware! This Mukundan Unni is infectious, and you might hallucinate his presence as you travel back home.

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