Monster Movie Review

Monster Movie Review

Monster Movie Review

Mohanlal’s Monster kept the fans and audiences on a decorous wait for its appealing visual promos, which suggested that an unparalleled treat awaits them all. Moreover, Mohanlal films have been considerably profitable for most of his recent movies are produced and distributed by his home banner. While commercial aspects aren’t the part of analysis, lets kick-start the review breakdown of Monster, written by Uday Krishna and directed by Vysakh.

The film opens with Lucky Singh (Mohanlal) reaching Cochin airport and Bhamini (Honey Rose), a female cab driver picking him up. He starts off a casual conversation and manages to end up at her house to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Anil Chandra (Sudev Nair). However, except for Sudev and his little daughter (born to his first wife, who passed away few years ago), both Bhamini & the house nanny (Lakshmi Manchu) are uncomfortable. However, he soon breaks the ice and has big time with them all. When he has to get back to airport, he kills Anil Chandra, disappears into thin vapour and has all the blame crowned upon Bhamini.

Who actually is Lucky Singh? Why did he kill Anil Chandra and framed Bhamini for the murder she didn’t commit? All these questions are answered in the latter half of this movie.

For the first 30 minutes, you might be wondering what’s really happening as the screenplay is too boring and plain. However, the momentum picks up 20 minutes prior to interval with the transformation of Mohanlal followed by unlimited twists and turns that will transit 45 minutes of narration just like 10 minutes. However, when the mystery is unveiled and the movie still has 30 minutes to wind up, that’s where the problem occurs. The director should have inclined to certain limitations, where the reason behind all these mysteries eclipse the twists and raciness that was presented in the film. So when you’re walking out of the theaters, you aren’t reminded off the positives, but only the feeble final moments. It almost inclines to the faintest traces of how Prithviraj’s Mumbai Police faced the same result.

Overall, Monster has some interesting and gripping moments of twists and turns, but finally ends up as an average fare, where the writing goes totally flawed in the final moments.

Monster Movie Review
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Verdict: Starts on ordinary note, suddenly spikes up with unexpected twists-turns and abruptly ends up on a disappointing note.

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