Padavettu Movie Review

Padavettu Movie Review

Padavettu Movie Review

Nivin Pauly fans had to wait for a long time to see their matinee-idol sparkle up with an impeccable spell. With his attempts to deliver unique pieces of work earning him mixed results, he registers an absolute success with Padavettu. The story is no different from many movies from God’s own country that traverses through the dark elements of caste issues that exists even today in the age of cyberspace and Artificial Intelligence. But what makes it different is the positive approach. Usually, films based on this concept would have the innocents succumbing to fate or a larger-than-life hero taking against the baddies aka ruling class, who oppress the innocent sector of people. However, director Liju Krishna deals with the same issue in a different yet gleaming manner. It doesn’t deal with a single man issue, but many, whose rage and urge to seek justice and redemption can be seen equally spread. When it gets burst out by the end of show, it displays the fact that a single person cannot reform the situation, but only a ‘MOVEMENT’.

Nivin Pauly as Ravi is excellent in every single frame. He keeps breathing the angst, disappointments, misery and doesn’t miss to express the anguish through emotional outbreaks frequently is beyond brilliance. Most of his encounters with ladylove Shyama (played by Aditi Balan) are silent rather than words. Both look good together and Aditi sticks to perfectionism though her role is limited. Shammi Thilakan terrorizes with his antagonistic act. He just recreates the vintage Thilakan with his appearance and screen presence. Shine Tom Chacko has very limited scenes, but is perfect. Indrans, Vijayaraghavan and others have little scope, but are decent with their acting.

Govind Vasantha’s BGM is the soul of Paduvetta and visuals by cinematographer Deepak D. Menon offer more elevation to the movie.

Overall, Padavettu delivers a flawless amalgamation of powerful performances, strong writing and a wonderful climax, which gives a wholesome experience to the audiences.

Padavettu Movie Review
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Verdict: Hard-hitting, strikingly spectacular and Brilliantly Crafted Tale

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