Naai Sekar Movie Review

Naai Sekar Movie Review

Naai Sekar Movie Review

It’s good to see that times are changing, and the arrival of new league filmmakers are resulting in movies with new-fangled concepts and genres. ‘Fantasy’ has been a very limited edition in Tamil cinema, and it’s good to see that few movies are being made on this theme. Well, to ensure that the audiences aren’t going to complain about the illogical quotients and loopholes, the makers clearly cite it, immediately after the ‘Statutory Warning Card’ that it’s a fantasy movie, and can be enjoyed if audience refrain drop out their rational abilities.

The story is about a man (Sathish), who has hated the dogs from his childhood. On an unexpected turn, when he gets bitten by a Labrador Dog Bruno (Voice by Mirchi Shiva), both exchange their behaviors and qualities that leads to a series of perplexities and fun…

Having sincerely declared by the team that the film shouldn’t be cornered for the logical issues, we have space to enjoy the film. However, there are certain minuses among which the writing seems to be blatant blunder. Few things are good when written and narrated, but the actual task to be accomplished by a filmmaker is to translate them into visuals. While few comedy episodes are enjoyable, some of them look mediocre. Besides, the screenplay carries unwanted aspects that in no way adds values to the film. To make a specific mark, the scenes involving the issues inside the IT firm are totally unwanted. It looks like the filmmaker wanted to inject his personal views on this domain, and has incorporated it, which would bring no difference to the tale, even these scenes were deleted.

When it comes to performance, Sathish has given his best into his character. The next one to steal the show is that cute Labrador Bruno. 50% of its characterization gets escalated by Mirchi Shiva’s voice. The other actors like George Mariam and Lollu Sabha Maaran add up the rib-tickling moments. However, the other characters look totally an alien to the film. This includes Pavithra, her father’s character played by Ilavarasu and the funny head of the ruffians. If director had made these characters look promising, the film would have been more engrossing.

For the vigorous and avid Hollywood buffs, they can find the traces of ‘The Shaggy Dog’. However, Naai Sekar might turn to be a decent watchable movie for the Kids and family audiences, who need a decent time pass movie.

Naai Sekar Movie Review
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Verdict: Naai Sekar has elements that make it a fun-filled treat for kids and family audiences, but an additional effort in screenwriting would have made it more appealing.

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