Netrikann Movie Review

Netrikann Movie Review

Netrikann Movie Review

Gone are those days, where few filmmakers from our Tamil film industry stealthily, or, in other words, unofficially remade the Korean movies. With the online domain getting stronger and the communication among the countries being made more intact, there’s no way, one can indulged in such activities. Perhaps, the final one to get noticed were movies like Jigarthanda, Sarabham and few more… So, the production houses have now officially started remaking the Korean movies, which creates a healthy situation indeed. Henceforth, we appreciate Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara as producers are coming up with the decent approach.

The movie opens with a CBI officer (Nayanthara) handcuffing her brother and clinging it to her jeep as a playful trick to stop him from joining his friends in night club. P.S. Guys! It’s such a cruelty to this character. She’s a CBI officer and she just throws the packet of narcotic drugs and walks away. The next blunder is our Ms. Honesty not wearing a seatbelt… Know what? That’s the intelligence of director’s team, where the accident would have not happened and how to proceed with the story. Jokes apart! The accident kills her brother and she loses her eyes. Eventually, she comes across a psychopath, a doctor brutally torturing teen girls, who comes to get aborted illegally. With the aid of a newly appointed police officer, she sets out to trap the psycho.

There are few scenes, which are made with absolute engagement. The chase between Ajmal and the young food delivery boy followed by the Metro Rail sequence are worthy of appreciations. But it looks like; lots of modifications, especially dialogues have been written to empower the image of Nayanthara. Unfortunately, overdose of such elements hamper the premise of Netrikann. Besides, there are lots of illogical factors like a murderer easily walking through the metro station, which spans into huge area to kill someone. Guys! Metro Station isn’t located across other part of world, it’s Vadapalani, and almost every Chennaite has walked through it and we are all aware that objects like screwdrivers will be thrown out by security. So next time, directors please bring in some logic.

There are movies like Nooravathu Naal, Pulan Visaranai, etc that really leaves the audience in a sort of thrills and anxiety as though they are commuted into the serious situation of being trapped by a serial or psycho killers. Netrikann fails to create that impact, majorly for the villain role played by Ajmal, and the feeble writing. Of course, Nayanthara has done a lot of hard work, which is evident onscreen, but still, the movie is an average fare.

Netrikann Movie Review
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Verdict: Lacks the punch and engagement that an edge-of-seat thriller demands

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