Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review

Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review
Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review

Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review

DirectionKaali Rangasamy
ProducerMohamed Aslam
N. Aravindan
Manisha Yadav
MusicJoshua Sridhar
EditorGopi Krishna
Production companyFilm Box Productions
Running Time135 mins
Release Date25th May 2018


Amidst the heavy loaded commercial genres with big heroes have their leaps; Oru Kuppai Kathai tries to remain apart from this platform. Yes, this belongs to certain movies that comes out to screens with the belief that ‘Content is King’. Filmmaker Kaali Rangasamy has written a story that is realistic and let us has a look how far it keeps us engaged.

The film revolves around Poongodi (Manisha Yadav), who mistakes Kumar (Dinesh) to be a Government clerk and gets hitched only to find out that he is a trash collector. Unable to adjust to the unconventional lifestyle of slums, where she has to stand in queues for using bathrooms and so on, she finds solace in her neighbour Arjun (Sujo Mathew). With the newborn child, she elopes and what unfolds next is a package of emotions undergone by Kumar.

If there are earnest reasons to congratulate Kaali Rangaswamy, it’s for the message that he has attempted conveying it. No work or job is inferior as far as one is happy about it and it doesn’t affect anyone on the ill side. Indeed, the pinch of film deals with the extramarital issues that is quite a conventional one in Tamil cinema. But that doesn’t give a wriggling or grim face to audiences while watching it. The first hour has some gripping moments and few characterisations like Kasturi and Aadhira are very well sketched. It looks like the Tamil filmmakers and writers must understand that the namesake poster actors shouldn’t be avoided and their intention shouldn’t be just to attract audiences to theatres. This is about Yogi Babu, who appears in a blink and miss role. Dinesh as protagonist comes up with a decent performance. He has the ability to give yet more performance, which he can improvise in his upcoming stretch of movies. But for a newcomer, he has exerted his best. Manisha Yadav suits the role and her acting is good.

While Kaali keeps the story intact, Oru Kupathu Kathai would have been a better version with the exclusion of few unwanted ingredients like walk into lives of Trash collectors, the routine lifestyle of slum dwellers and so on. Moreover, the screenplay could have been slightly gripping by the second hour as we start predicting the proceedings easily.

Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review
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Verdict: A different attempt with emotions written well. Could have been a better one with trimmed screenplay though.

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