Sema Movie Review

Sema Movie Review
Sema Movie Review

Sema Movie Review

CastG. V. Prakash Kumar
Arthana Binu
Assisi Ronald Gibson
MusicG. V. Prakash Kumar
CinematographyVivek Anand
EditorPradeep E Ragav
Production companyLinga Bhairavi Creations
Pasanga Productions
Running Time123 mins
Release Date25th May 2018


If you’re patiently watching GV Prakash’s Sema, then you could be the one that fondly embraces the 80s styled slow-paced comedy capers. This is surely a kind of movie that times have tested in almost all the regional industries. In a precise note, our very own yesteryear filmmakers like K Bhagyaraj, Pandiarajan and many others have attempted with such stories. But the basic difference is that how engaging director Vallikanth has offered this movie. Does it manage to keep the audiences in engagement from beginning till end is something we will have a look here.

GV Prakash plays a vegetable vendor named Kulandhai Vel in Trichy. His mother (Sujatha) heeding to the words of astrologer keeps looking out for a girl to marry him. The mother-son comes across beautiful girl (Arthana). While her parents (Mansoor Ali Khan and Kovai Sarala) agree for this proposal initially, the father backs out in favour of a local MLA (Jana) offering him a good deal in return to get his daughter married. But these smart mothers have their own plans of dealing the situation.

Technically, the cinematography is the first appreciable thing followed by GV Prakash’s musical score for ‘Sandalee’.

When it comes to performance, there isn’t special to mark upon the lead roles. Yes, GVP has tried diminishing the local or virgin boy shade. His role is decently etched to an extent, thanks to Pandiraj for this. Arthana looks simple and beautiful.

Reviewing ‘Sema’ will not take more than a minute or even less than the readers to go through. A very time-worn tale that doesn’t surprise you anywhere. Yes, there are some lively moments in the film. Thanks to Yogi Babu, who does make it happen in few places, but not completely to the core. Mansoor Ali Khan and Kovai Sarala are known for their naturalistic performance and they endow us with some good show. But with the screenplay not comprising of any surprisal or exciting twists, Sema stays into the box of mediocre.

Sema Movie Review
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Verdict: Hackneyed plot and ordinary writing makes ‘Sema’ an average fare.

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