Oru Naal Iravil Movie Review

Written : Yugi Sethu
Direction : Anthony
Producer : A. L. Vijay (Presenter), A. L. Azhagappan, Sam Paul
Cast : Sathyaraj, Varun, Anumol, Yugi Sethu, Kalyani Natarajan
Music : Navin
Cinematography : M. S. Prabhu
Editing : Anthony
Production Company : Paulsons Media
Running Time : 109 mins
Release Date : 20th November 2015

Oru Naal Iravil, a remake of the 2012 Malayalam HIT movie Shutter. Shutter is well presented with grip moments throughout and here in tamil, its been directed by editor Anthony and produced by A.L Vijay. Lets see whether it gives justice to the original.

OruNaalIravil which happens between two nights where unforeseen events which connects three men (a family man, an auto-driver, a film maker) and a sex worker. Situation ends up like the family man is put on a toss where he is locked up inside a shutter with the sex worker. After the messup of all the lead characters, how it ended up is well executed with thrill moments towards the ending.

Sathyaraj, a perfect star cast for the role where he emote very well be it an uneducated father role, be it a responsible family man, be it a common man who slips away due to situation, he excels wherever possible and his fear and shocking expressions inside the shutter, no one can replace him to say at least. Yugi sethu, on the other hand, a film maker who struggles for the re-entry gives a neat performance where his sad look did almost all the needed expression for the role. Female lead Anumol though she doesn’t have the look of a sex worker but the camera angles placed on her made up our mind to settle with that thinking on her and she did a what is expected from her, same like auto driver though both comes in most scenes.

To converge all these characters pinned with the shutter room, it takes an hour and the rest of the film keep us with thrill moments like the shutter shouldn’t be opened by the outside world. There are moments like we come to the edge of the seat and then a relief like nothing happened which is very well handled at interval block, paint leak, dream scenes. By being inside the shutter, Sathyaraj learns a lot about his fellow friends, his family, lessons of life etc and these are all filmy moments for audience to know from the movie.

Minimal songs which comes bits and pieces without affecting the phase of the movie is good. BGM, Sathyaraj and climax twists are the highlight of the movie and the editor turned director made the movie crisp with his edits needless to say as he is a well known editor in Tamil cinema and deserves the real credit for the original Malayalam movie as a director.

On the whole movie falls in the decent thriller category and must watch in theatre.