Paper Rocket Series Review

Paper Rocket Series Review

Paper Rocket Series Review

Six strangers from different walks of life decide to take on a trip across Tamil Nadu with each having a wish on their bucket list to accomplish.

Paper Rocket, the 7-episode series has a character-driven premise and hence, the analysis would definitely encapsulate both the performances and characterizations of actors here. Starting with Jeeva, played by Kalidas Jayaram, the role would be something that every urban guy would relate to. The routine mundane life of a 9-5 job with a big figure salary and elite-club lifestyle might be a dream for any guy from suburban and rural, but not the one, who has indulged his life as a workaholic. This guy is someone ritually inclined to economics but failed in philosophy. His father, who desperately wanted to spend more time, is no more. This kindles in him the guilt over the past. Kalidas Jayaram has handled this role efficiently, and he keeps stealing your attention throughout the show. Tanya Ravichandran as Elakya is good, but her character resonates with the league, which we are frequently visiting every week in theaters. She has an issue and perhaps, a childhood nightmare that she isn’t able to cope with. This, in turn, lets her succumb to a pathetic situation of hurting her boyfriend. Renuka has always been a fabulous actress, who can take a cakewalk and deliver her performances naturally. It’s nice to see her in the role of Valliyamma. Karunakaran is so spontaneous while essaying the character of Tiger. This role is too interesting, which one might find alien, but guys like him exist. However, Kiruthiga and her team of writers could have crafted his portions with much intensity. Had his intention kept veiled till the penultimate episode and thrown an abrupt shock would have appealed finely than what it is now. Nirmal Palazhi as Unni is decent, and his portions are cutely done. Gouri G Kishen’s episode is good too.

Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi has always attempted to exhibit her potential with subjects that might not be a piece of cake for mainstream filmmakers. Say, for instance, Vanakkam Chennai with an unusual star-cast, a Rom-Com entertainer was a rare species. And then with Kaali, she attempted to narrate a story, which had interesting elements too. Paper Rocket might bring you the reminiscences of a few Hollywood flicks since the core concept is all about Bucket List. But still, Paper Rocket scores more points with the groovy characterizations and impeccable performances. More than all, a filmmaker’s intention to present a piece of work for the family audience, itself needs a special mention. t’s nice to see Chinni Jayanth shining with a good role after long time. Kudos to Kiruthiga for good casting.

The musical score and cinematography offer a neat experience for the audience. If there could be any minuses, there’s nothing louder to mention, but the final episode looks slightly stretched out, but it doesn’t spoil the show anywhere.

Paper Rocket Series Review
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Paper Rocket – A valuable entertainer that encapsulates the beauty of living the moment

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