Vattam Movie Review

Vattam Movie Review

Vattam Movie Review

Dream Warrior Pictures SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu have produced ‘Vattam’ featuring Sibiraj, Andrea Jeremiah, Vamsi Krishna & Athulya Ravi in the star cast.

The movie opens with a bunch of IT-ians thrown out of jobs overnight hatching a plan to kidnap the founder’s son. Then comes Mano (Sibiraj), boozing over the pathos of his girlfriend getting hitched to another man, and we come across a distressed couple (Vamsi Krishna and Andrea Jeremiah), who are expecting a baby. With these characters bouncing upon each other, things go the unexpected way.

The same producers, but with different production banner, had produced a hyperlink tale of Maanagaram that earned appreciation. Eventually, it’s a little puzzling, how come they encouraged a similar script premise again? From the beginning of this movie, everything looks amateur. The concept of Kidnap drama has become a timeworn plot that no more interests the audiences. It’s disappointing to see how decently experienced producers could come up with this idea.

Getting on with the performance, Vamsi Krishna does a good job, and this movie should have given an idea to many filmmakers that he is capable of performing any roles. His role was completely good. Sibiraj has done what is required for his character. Andrea Jeremiah is good too. Athulya Ravi has tried to deliver a convincing performance. To be precise, the actors have done their roles properly, and nothing to blame them. It’s the director, who should have crafted the entire movie neatly. The scenes hardly impress us. The second-hour sequence involving the conversations between Sibiraj and Andrea about sexism is not convincing. The same old advocacies offer nothing, but annoyance.

Technically, the songs by Nivas K Prasanna are good, whereas the other technical aspects don’t impress us.

Overall, Vattam owns a primitive storyline and doesn’t impress you anywhere.

Vattam Movie Review
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Verdict: A Disappointing package

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