Pisasu Movie Review

Pisasu Movie Review

Cast : Naga, Prayaga, Harish Uthaman, Radha Ravi
Editing : Gopinath
Music : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Ravi Roy
Written & Direction : Mysskin
Production : Bala’s B Studios
Distribution : Sri Thenandal Films

Horror – so many flavours has come, including funny horror, thriller, anthology horror, fantasy, glamour, revenge horror etc. In all these, though the plot is different, horror is a horror like showcased as a black evil from times. A man came where he thinks why cant a horror evil has a good heart too? why that cant be possible if everything is possible? That man is Mysskin and he came up with his Pisasu, a new definition for horror.

Pisasu Team Pisasu-Movie-Review-4
Pisasu Team

Main plot of the movie happens in a usual mysskin theme like empty polish road, a car, an auto, solo violin, hero running towards the spot.. there comes a mystry with a accident and it gets unfolds at the climax by showing the same incident again in a different perspective..

Road shot Pisasu-Movie-Review-10
Road shot

Without title, film directly goes to the shot where we have shown a beautiful princess in a head shot angle and while slowly zooming out, blood on the floor. Only two scenes for the pretty actress and the rest all a devil face.Naga on the other side in the male lead, very good in performances. His characterisation is little over acting and too much hyper sensitive which gives the feel why this guy is doing like this for a normal thing. Radha Ravi, a well experienced and no words, he did his job just like that and touched hearts.

Radha Ravi touchy scene Pisasu-Movie-Review-20
Radha Ravi touchy scene

In a horror movie, humor will always be there when the support character fear for the ghost when it comes out or when a side dummy character caught up lonely with the ghost. This flim is not an exception and all those humors are there. That extra character who came to capture the spirit also a laugh riot.

Laugh riot Pisasu-Movie-Review-11
Laugh riot

BGM playes the major role in the movie. As the main hero is a violinist, you can hear lots of solo violin throughout the movie and BGM rocks well in the pre climax portions. Cinematography looks promising for the eyes in most scenes. Color blindness scene with the wind around good one.

Color Blindness scene Pisasu-Movie-Review-8
Color Blindness scene

A introduction song to showcase the difficulties hard workers specially road side life. Very beautiful solo violin with picturisation. That little girl and the blind people, usuals in his movies are captured well. Also the fight take place in the same subway look natural to the core and camera angles are perfect.

Subway Scene Pisasu-Movie-Review-2
Subway Scene

After few initial horror scenes, you will get to know the type of ghost and you will lose the fear and thrill for the ghost factor in the movie. Yet mysskin way of approach you can see throughout the film. The way the movie begins, accident, scenes inside the apartment, scary moments, pre-climax all perfect. Interval fade out without tag and title card at the end, welcoming approach. With just few characters and a minimal budget too, you can do wonders if you have a good plot and mysskin proved again.

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Mysskin's experiment with horror worked out well and he proved again.

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