Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai Movie Review

Cast : Arya, Shaam, Vijay Sethupathi, Karthika Nair and more.
Editing : N.Ganesh Kumar
Music : Varshan
Cinematography : N.K.Ekambaram
Written : S. P. Jananathan
Direction : S. P. Jananathan
Production : Binary Pictures, UTV Motion Pictures
Distribution : UTV Motion Pictures

Story revolves around the capital punishment in our country. Activist Arya is sentenced to death for different criminal activities he did against the country.IPS officer Shaam is assigned to complete Arya’s sentence, he uses experienced hangman Vijay Sethupathy to finish the task.Karthika is one of the main member of Arya’s communist group, how karthika uses vijay sethupathy to create an escape plan to bring Arya out of prison has been shown in the movie. Climax shows whether Arya is sentenced to death or escapes from prison.

A multi cast film after a long time in Kollywood. SP Jananathan equally distributes the scenes among the 3 main lead roles. Aya as a communist, a different role in his career. In the climax the way he sees shaam and vijay sethupathy is classic. Another meaty role to vijay sethupathy as a local hangman. He gives 100%, climax one scene is enough to prove again that he is a great actor. His local slang and body language are major plus.

A comeback for Shaam. As police officer Machaleo, he did complete justice to the role, underplayed in first half and scores in the later half of the film. Its a treat to watch the scenes involve these 3 lead characters. Kartika – we can call her as one of the hero of the film. She does bike riding, camel riding etc. Her performance is very good. Hope she gets good projects in the future. Other characters stays in mind are Vijay Sethupathy’s handicapped mom and the Jail officer.

Music by debut Vardhan, Re-recording is not so impressive. Songs are also average. First song ‘kalaasi kalaasi’ is vijay sehtupathy’s intro. Followed by 2 mini songs for arya – ‘Aaja O Re’ and a duet ‘Ore ourmurai’. Second half has one jail song ‘Marina beachila..’ gives same feel as Deva’s gana songs. Cinematography by Ekambaram is on top notch. The Kulu Manali scenes are treat to our eyes. Art direction needs a special applause. The prison set was so perfect. Almost 80% of the scenes are shot in this set.

Written and directed by Dir.S P Jananathan, the man behind great films like Iyarkai, E and Peranmai. Its clearly visible that he has done lot of research for this film. Good script. An unique plot and characterization. Eventhough there are not much twists in the screenplay, he keeps us engage till the end.Detailed jail scenes and incidents are new to Tamil cinema audience. Film starts its main plot from very first scene not even a single minute was wasted.

Dialogues could have been better. Songs are not necessary for this script. Songs act just as showstopper. Slow paced narration especially in the first half is the only drawback in the film. 2 hrs 40 minutes duration. Gripping last 45 minutes took the film to next level. Climax is another highlight. Film deserves a clap at the end. A jail drama with small message and some mix of entertainment is Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai.