Rajathandhiram Movie Review

Cast : Veera, Regina Cassandra, Pattiyal K. Shekar, Darbuka Siva, Ilavarasu, Aadukalam Naren
Editing : Praveen Antony
Music : G. V. Prakash Kumar (Song), Sandeep Chowta (Background Score)
Cinematography : Kathir
Written : A. G. Amid
Direction : A. G. Amid
Production : Sunland Cinemas & White Bucket Productions
Distribution : Fox Star Studios

With Robbery theme and CON concepts, so many variant came. Some of them will be a suspense thriller, some will be a complex knot unfolds towards climax, some will be a screenplay magic. What if in a suspense movie, a complete sketch already been informed and still engaging? What if in a movie where all shock and suspense altogether slap you? There this movie stands out as Rajathanthiram..

Movie revolves around a Jewellary Shop and the robbery inside, where a police gang, one gangster gang and Shop owner gang altogether involved and how a robbery takes place, unfolds as a engaging roller-coaster ride.

Beauty is, the complete sketch of the robbery plan is informed to all gangs and still the robbery continues and towards the end, a feel of edge of the seat with a clever approach and consecutive shot at the climax.

In a engaging sequence movie, songs are real slow stopper and the director knows it well before and planned a single track at the very early stage of the movie. Yet a single song, a best melody from GV Prakash with scene oriented slow mote song.

Veera and Regina, a very good onscreen pair and Veera performed very well. Naren, going heights in each movies with his casual lively acting. Siva, a laugh riot at times with his timely dialogues. BGM doesn’t impact so well but still a decent one at many places.

Few movies will have a engaging screenplay only at few portions and cinematic elements cant be avoided. But this one has pure suspense thriller by avoiding songs, comedy and masala stuffs except one or two scenes at the pre interval. On the whole, a very nice CON thriller as it should be without compromising anything and kudos to AG Amid.