Rajini Murugan Movie Review

Written & Direction : Ponram
Producer : N. Linguswamy | N. Subash Chandra Bose
Cast : Sivakarthikeyan | Keerthy Suresh | Samuthirakani | Rajkiran | Soori
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Balasubramaniem
Editing : Vivek Harshan
Production company : Thirrupathi Brothers
Distribution : Pen Movies
Running Time : 159 minutes

When the ‘genres’ are segregated on many aspects, one thing that amalgamates everything is ‘Entertainer’. Of course, when it manages to impress everyone between the age group of 10-70yrs, obviously, it’s a spangled combination of ‘Family Entertainer’. What has to be completely observed is that when these films manage to engross the audiences, even the blatant flaws remain silent. Say for instance, the film is set in backdrops of Madurai, but unlike many other movies of this region, we find the characters involved speaking normal Tamil slang…. Such is the exemplification you can derive from Rajini Murugan, where there is more significance for entertainment.

The plot moves around the life of Rajini Murugan (Sivakarthikeyan) who moves around happily, but with a motivational gesture of achieving something in life. When situations don’t help him, his pampering grandpa (Raj Kiran) suggests him to sell the ancestral property, which needs the no objection signatures from his children and grandchildren, who are settled out there in abroad. Well, this is something that grandpa wants to happen so that he sees all his family members together. But sooner, the problem arrives in the form of a notorious goon (Samuthirakani) who claims himself to be a part of this family and ask for share in the property.

As the film commences, there is a lack of substantiality, where the sequences are too ordinary, but as it proceeds somewhere after 30 minutes, there is a decorous impact of screenplay. The first half nearly travels for 75 minutes and there is no dearth of excitements. Of course, the post-intermission sequences are very well narrated with lots of characterisations coming together. Although, 3 songs lined up back to back in the second hour seems to be little dragging, it might not appeal the same way to sub-urban and rural audiences.

Sivakarthikeyan delivers a simple and neat performance and has improved a lot with his dancing skills and body language. Soori evokes the right pinch of humour with Sivakarthikeyan throughout the film. Raj Kiran is best with his portions in both emotional and humorous episodes. Keerthi Suresh does a neat job and proves her proficiency in dancing and talkie portions too. Samuthirakani as a baddie is a cakewalk for the actor. Others in the cast are completely blended with humour and emotions. Even the smallest role like the one ruining the Rajini Murugan tea stall evokes laughter.

D Imman has composed couple of additional songs for the title number and situations, which is appreciable. Cinematography has been done well and editing of transition is groovy indeed. Although, the climax portion with a surprise might not offer the same dose of excitement as in Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, it involves invigorations simultaneously.

Rajini Murugan Movie Review
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Overall, Rajini Murugan is a neat entertainer for family audiences, where they can come relaxed and enjoy show grabbing their favourite piece of snacks.

Verdict: Sit back and enjoy this cool entertainer