Remo Songs Reviews

Remo Music Review
Remo Music Review

Remo Songs Reviews

The much awaited musical album of ‘Remo’ has arrived and we bring you the exclusive analysis of these tracks featuring musical score by Anirudh. The film features Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles, directed by debutant Bhagyaraj and produced by RD Raja of 24AM Studios.

Remo Nee Kadhalan
Vocals: Anirudh

A peppy number that has polite instrumentals with the punch of Anirudh on its course and the phrasing compositions are in accordance to the tunes. Well, even a mediocre track becomes a Chartbuster or at least the middling number when crooned by Anirudh. Such is the song ‘Remo Neen Kadhalan’, which would surely gain more momentum with the visuals.

Singer: Anirudh

This track has all the factors that ascribe it to be an instant Chartbuster that keeps us so much involved with the simple words by Vignesh Shivan. Anirudh has used the words with the rhyming impact and of course, the percussions and instrumentals make a bigger scope in the album. Mark our words! The theatres are surely gonna make its peak with this number.

Vocals: Arjun Kannungo and Srinidhi Venkatesh

The vocalisms of Arjun Kannungo stimulates some impressions, but it gets little milder in places, but the instrumentals accompanied make it more blissful. Yet again, it’s going to be the visual magic of P.C. Sriram that will surely make it more appealing. Srinidhi Venkatesh on her portions embellishes the cherubic beauty of lyrics.

Meesa Beauty
Singers: Richard and Anirudh

This is seemingly a montage song that places the transition of Sivakarthikeyan in disguised form as a nurse. The lyrics are catchy and the tunes are peppy enough, but it’s the montage that will make its prominence on the screens.

Singer: Santhosh Narayanan

Anirudh goes up for a perfect choice of picking Santhosh Narayanan for this number. Usually, Anirudh would never sacrifice such tunes of Kuthu zone and surprisingly hands it over to Santhosh Narayanan, who makes it more compelling. The beats are surely gonna play with the pulse of listeners, especially over the visual impact in theatres too.

Vaadi En Tamil Selvi
Singer: Nakash Aziz

A typical Anirudh factor, where he comes up with the same stereotypical style and the result is obviously the best one as fans would immediately connect with. The lyrical lines yet again cater to the tastes of teen audiences that speaks about the boy’s wooing mantra of his belle. Nakash Aziz on his part makes a best rendition too.

Come Closer
Singer: Inno Genga

The English reprised version of ‘Sirikkathey’ that is blatantly an attempt to pull the audiences and music lovers beyond the boundaries of Tamil Zone. The visuals made for the promotions have already inked up an impeccable ideal play for listeners too.

Overall, ‘Remo’ songs completely belong to the usual style of Anirudh as he ritually comes up with the tunes to savour the teen groups. But it would be nicer if he can redirect towards different musical genres rather than playing the same tunes to his fans, which might get time worn after some time.

Remo Music Review
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