Rudhran Movie Review

Rudhran Movie Review

Rudhran Movie Review

Raghava Lawrence has always aspired to win the people’s heart in real life with his philanthropic deeds, and his ‘Kanchana’ franchise has been life-saving jacket for more than 15 years. Well, his other films outside this franchise have always been mediocre or below-average fares. So let us check out how well ‘Rudhran’ savors the tastes of audiences.

It’s a revenge tale with larger-than-life element, where we find Raghava Lawrence as a youngster (paradoxical), who does all those whacky things like men in 20s. He finds a job, manages to impress as a routine Tamil film signature of well educated, sensible but Loose-u Ponnu character (Priya Bhavani Shankar). With a loveable parents (Nasser and Poornima Bhagyaraj), everything is picture-perfect until the family falls prey into the hands of horrible Bhoomi (Sarath Kumar). Now, it’s time for revenge, where director Kathiresan chooses to go by the flashback mode with the attempt of keeping us engaged, but terribly fails.

Everything looks unwanted in the first half. The couple of songs are totally unwanted, where GV Prakash goes easily with the remix tracks of Jorthaale and Paadatha Paattellam. The BGM by Sam CS is no unique as he keeps repeating the same musical pattern time and again.

Raghava Lawrence has got certain elements that will be draw crowds for his movies. Perfect and energetic leagues of dance and stunts along with few humorous elements have been his intriguing ingredients, and he tries to create the same here. It does work out in few parts, but then, the flimsy writing leaves us tried here and there. Priya Bhavani Shankar fails to deliver a decorous performance. Sarath Kumar looks fit and does his portions well. Poornima Bhagyaraj and Nasser have little prominence, and they do justice to their roles. Kaali Venkat gets a decent scope in this film.

Overall, Rudhran has an outdated story and narration that looks mostly borrowed from the late 80s and early 90s popular Tamil cinema.

Rudhran Movie Review
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Verdict: A time-worn plot that tries to favour commercial cinema lovers, but ends up as a below average fare

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