Thiruvin Kural Movie Review

Thiruvin Kural Movie Review

Thiruvin Kural Movie Review

Arulnithi has always scored brownie points in the role of angry young man. Especially, when he is given little dialogues and more to perform through expressions, he nails it down perfectly. After Mouna Guru, Arulnithi finds yet another space to give his best. Of course, his last year releases like D Block, Déjà vu and Diary have been somewhat passable entertainers. He is good in stunts and expressing his emotions. Aathmika has nothing to do as in her previous movies, where she appears only in songs, romances hero and then disappears. Maybe, she could be thankful to Harish Prabhu for giving her a couple of additional scenes. Bharathiraja steals the show as a pitiable old man. Malayalam actor Ashraf is best with his performance.

The baddies, who look terrific and scary in the first hour soon become clowns for the audiences due to poor characterizations. The first half has got a good momentum, but then, the second half gets too boring and tedious due to directionless writing. If not for the support of cinematography and stunts team, the director would have really struggled. Reduce the slow motions, and you’ll find that the actual running length is not more than 90 minutes.

Overall, Thiruvin Kural has a unique story plot, which we haven’t seen in the recent times, but a good screenwriting would have made it a special film for everyone in the team

Thiruvin Kural Movie Review
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Verdict: A fresh story premise that would have scored big with fine-tuned screenwriting. But Arulnithi and Bharathiraja steal the show with their acting.

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