Saithan Music Review

Saithan Music Review
Saithan Music Review

Saithan Music Review 

The brand has kept itself so much high over the expectations, especially when a movie comes in combination of his acting and musical score, it’s no way that you could resist the excitements. Apparently, here is ‘Saithan’ that is getting ready for release shortly and we bring you the exclusive analysis of music review.

Singer: Yazin Nizar 
Lyrics: Annamalai

The album takes off with a much middling number that has medium paced rhythmic accompaniment and has the best rendition by Yazin Nizar. The lyrical lines by Annamalai are catchy and simple, which makes it more grasping.

Singer: Yazin Nizar 
Lyrics: Annamalai

Oops! It’s a horripilating number that would send some Goosebumps across your decibel count. Maybe, it’s not going to be a favourite for listeners and it sounds like the one on situational front in the film.

Singer: Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Eknath

The song traces through the heart broken man, who has lost his love and the lyrical lines are too normal, which doesn’t evoke special interest. Nevertheless, there is some emotional impact in this number and that’s Midas-touch of Vijay Antony. It would be getting better for most of the songs in Vijay Antony movies go well placed with the screenplay and situations.

Singer: Chinna Ponnu 
Lyrics: Chinna Ponnu

Opaari Singer: Chinna Ponnu Lyrics: Chinna Ponnu It’s a song of lamentation that might be a favourite pick for listeners as it focalizes on the pathos and anguish feeling. Chinna Ponnu has done justice to her part and this song should have not been included in this audio list as it almost looks like a BGM for a situational occasion.

Saithan Theme
Singer: Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Vijay Antony

This is an usual style from Vijay Antony that we have heard in some of his erstwhile albums. It looks like he has changed the lyrics after some issues that were raised with the film’s teaser and now it has yet more impactful punch. Saithan Title Track This is the immediate pick that has a trademark effort of offering high orchestral works on instruments and chorus. The opening portion with a lamenting effect and later the rhythmic accompaniments take a medium paced style with the pianos and lady vocalism offering a spooky feel. Obviously, it would definitely have a great impact on the screens.

Final Verdict :

Overall, this is an unconventional album from Vijay Antony, where the songs aren’t meant for the listeners or music lovers for the initial stage, but it looks so much attached to the screenplay and situational placement might get good scope for them.

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Saithan : Unusual album from Vijay Antony, where songs are least enjoyable but more revealing about situations in film.

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