Shaakuntalam Movie Review

Shaakuntalam Movie Review

Shaakuntalam Movie Review

The tale of ‘Shaakuntalam’ has been fetching the attention beyond the years and ages as it revolves around the beautiful love story between King Dushyant with Shakuntala, daughter of Sage Vishwakarma and Menaka. While many attempts have been made to materialize this tale on the grand scale of Disney, director Gunasekhar tries to retell the story laced with visual brilliance and magnificence.

So, who’s stealing the show all the way? It’s the technical department, especially the top-notch CGI and action team that does a brilliant job. The visual experience is totally amazing, and it would be a tailor-made treat for the fans of fantasy love stories. Not to miss the wonderful art works of Ashok Kumar, who has done a remarkable job, and the captivating visuals by Joseph V Shekar, who has very well captured the shots in accordance to the CG works. Mani Sharma makes his musical comeback after a long time, and he doesn’t miss to capture our senses with his melodic spell.

When it comes to performances, it’s Samantha’s show all the way as she elegantly carries the entire film on her shoulders. The way she emotes with outstanding emotions is colossal. Dev Mohan provides a great act as a upright king, and an unconditional lover. Madhoo does a cameo as Menaka and makes an impressive spell.

Overall, Shaakuntalam is a decent experience for those, who are inclined to the mythological tale for it offers a groovy visual experience

Shaakuntalam Movie Review
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Verdict: A neat family entertainer that will impress for its visual magic

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