Taana Movie Review

Taana Movie Review
Taana Movie Review
DirectorYuvaraj Subramani
Written byYuvaraj Subramani
ProducerM.C. Kalaimamani
M.K. Lakshmi Kalaimamani
Nandita Swetha
MusicVishal Chandrashekhar
Production companyNobel Movies
Positive Print Studios
Running Time145 mins

Actor Vaibhav has been getting through the route of Ayushmann Khurrana to a certain extent herein Kollywood, by taking up projects that are unique in contents. Following ‘Sixer’, his today’s release ‘Taana’ too features him in a different role. Directed by Yuvaraj, the film has Nandita Swetha in female lead with Pandiarajan, Hareesh Peradi, Yogi Babu and few more prominent actors as a part of star-cast.

Vaibhav hails from a family whose lineage of men have served as cops and now it’s his turn to keep up the reputation. However, he has a serious drawback of getting female voice when overexcited or emotional. Will he manage to break down this oddness and accomplish his parents’ dreams?

Vaibhav’s innocuous shades in real life goes very much like a handful help to the role he has donned in this movie. Moreover, he has given his best into certain episodes, but when it comes to romance, there seems to be a lack of potentials. It would be nice, if the actor escalates himself in this aspect. Nandita Swetha is a talented actress, but she isn’t finding a proper role to establish herself as a prominent artiste. Hareesh Peradi gives a promising performance although his characterization is ridiculous in many parts. Director Yuvaraj has written a plot that is instantly attention grabbing, but with a mediocre narrative aspect, it fails to impress us avidly. The first half has some portions that aren’t getting us engaged, the main reason being a weak portrayal of romance. Also couple of songs look unwanted with inappropriate placement. Although Vishal Chandrashekar is a talented music director, he doesn’t give his best here.

The twist that comes through the mid of second half is very much interesting and even the ending is good. If the director had managed to maintain the consistency in keeping us engrossed throughout the show, it would have been far more enjoyable .

Taana Movie Review
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Verdict: Entertaining, but not a satisfying package.

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