Thupparivaalan Movie Review

Thupparivaalan Movie Review

Written by:  Mysskin
Directed by : Mysskin
Producer : Vishnu
Cast : Vishal,  Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah
Music : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Karthik Venkatraman
Production company : Vishal Film Factory
Running Time : 159 mins

Sherlock Holmes was an abrupt word that was not instigated by fans or audiences, but Mysskin himself. He uttered this reference to Thupparivalan, where Vishal plays a detective, who solves the murder mystery in an unconventional manner. Let us take quick look into the film’s synopsis and the vivid analysis.

By the very prologue of this film, we see Simran is celebrating a great occasion along with her family on terrace. Suddenly, she is blown out of unbearable shock to see her husband and kid killed by a lightning. By the other sequence, we see Vishal as a private detective requested by a young kid to find out the murderer who shot his dog dead.. If you’re wondering what’s the link between these two different irrelevant mysteries, that’s the task to be accomplished by Vishal – The Thupparivalan now.

Hats off to Vishal for changing his route and this isn’t the first time, he is doing it though.

Let us point out the best three things about Thupparivalan. Hats off to Vishal for changing his route and this isn’t the first time, he is doing it though. The actor has completely surrendered himself to Mysskin and has gone by his direction. The action sequences are really outstanding and this can be regarded as one of the stunt based films over the recent times in Kollywood. The concept of unforeseen or never-heard-before concept of lightning is really mind-boggling.

So what could be the negative traits? There aren’t actually any such diminishing things in the film. But there is some theory or rule for a suspense based thrillers especially that involves the detective stories and unravelling of mysteries. The scenes have to move faster and more thrilling. But with the stereotypical pattern of Mysskin’s narrative and technical aspects it slows down the momentum. The unwanted extended shots, the slow motions, keeping the audiences puzzled till the end for most of the important sequences might not attract the groups that are bounded to ‘Tamil Folklore culture’.

Vishal and Vinay Rai make the best of their opportunities.

On the other end, there are many actors in the film, but only few get a mighty scope to score. Obviously, Vishal and Vinay Rai make the best of their opportunities. Prasanna appears along with Vishal, but he could have been offered few more substantiality. We find him saving Vishal by the end and there should have been such sequences to an extent. K Bhagyaraj is seen in a different avatar, but nothing really exceptional. Andrea Jeremiah is wasted and is added for namesake. Anu Emanuel has improvised a lot from her debut film with Nivin Pauly in Malayalam.

Thupparivalan is definitely a different attempt from Vishal

Musical score by Arrol Corelli is brilliant, but he could have reduced the intensity of BGM that creates more tension and stress in few places.

On the whole, Thupparivalan is definitely a different attempt from Vishal. Mysskin has conceptualized intellectually and unravels the knot in a stunning way. Had the screenplay was kept more intact and crisp, it would have been really a top-notch detective thriller.