Ulkuthu Movie Review

Ulkuthu Movie Review

Ulkuthu Movie Review

Direction Caarthick Raju
Producer G Vittal Kumar & Subhashini Devi
Cast Dinesh
Nandita Swetha
Bala Saravanan
Music Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography P. K. Varma
Editor Praveen K. L
Production company PK Film Facctory
Running Time 126min


Following the maiden collaboration of ‘Thirudan Police’, both Attakathi Dinesh and filmmaker Caarthick Raju are coming together again for the film ‘Ulkuthu’.

‘Attakathi’ Dinesh, who has lost his parents, sells flowers in front of a temple along with his sister Chaaya Singh. Her husband, John Vijay, is one of the henchmen of Sarath Lohitashwa who is known rowdy and who lends money for excess interest.

Sarath Lohitashwa’s brother, Dilip Subbarayan, another rowdy, kills Chaaya Singh and her husband. Dinesh wants to avenge this – he enters fishermen are under the control of the brothers – wins their admiration and becomes a henchman. With this entry, he manages to take revenge.

The story tries to depict the happenings in the lives of usurers (excessive interest rate money lenders). However, it ends up showing only fight scenes. Still, the director has managed to sustain the viewers’ interest through some clever twists and turns in the story.

The first half is rather slow. It picks up some tempo in the second half when the revenge starts. The director has cleverly picturised the scenes which show the rowdy brothers confused about which insider brings about all the developments. However, too many fight scenes spoil the effort.

The cinematographer P. K. Varma has done a good job capturing the seaside life. The BGM of Justin Prabhakaran is ok though the songs are not that good. The editing by K. S. Pravin is a positive point of the film.

Dinesh has been promoted here as a ‘full-time’ hero. He has performed well in the various romance, emotional, and fight scenes. Nandita has done well as a slum girl. The comedy scenes are definite + points of the film. Though it is a familiar role, Sarath Lohitashwa has done justice to his role. Dilip Subbarayan has done well, too. The director has extracted good work from all the supporting cast. Chef Damodharan, who acts as the slum leader, manages to attract attention.

The film reminds us of several revenge seeking plots and movies that we have already seen over the ages. In this movie, it has a good writing, but the basic premise is quite disappointing.