Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

Uriyadi 2 Movie Review
Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

DirectionVijay Kumar
WriterVijay Kumar
CastVijay Kumar
MusicGovind Vasantha
CinematographyPraveen Kumar N.
EditorLinu M.
Production company2D Entertainment
Running Time119 mins
Release Date5th April 2019

Certain times, the brand names carry a much impactful scenario, where few filmmakers try to encash the success of erstwhile instalment. It has been happening frequently and maybe, ‘Uriyadi’ too could have paved way for such a scenario. Directed by Vijay Kumar, who has played the lead role as well, the film is produced by actor Suriya for 2D Entertainment.

The film revolves around a business Raj Prakash, who starts a factory in Senkathirmalai, which has dangerous chemicals released that would cost many lives. He gets a corrupted politician – Tamizh Kumaran and Sengai Kumaran, a caste leader on his side for support. Apparently, as a youngster Lenin Vijay (Vijay Kumar) joins the factory along with his friends and witnesses the gruesome effects and they embark on a mission to shut it down. What unfolds next is a chain of events, which leads them into combats with bigwigs.

It’s been 3 years, we had the first instalment, but the second one which has a completely different premise does justice to the title. It looks like Vijay Kumar has been loosely inspired by the shocking incidents that happened in Tuticorin (Sterlite issues) that prompted him to make a film like this. The first hour has some light moments, which is done for the commercial purpose and the actual premise hits the screens only by the point of intermission. The episodes in second half are quite engrossing and emotionally gripping too. Nevertheless, the solution that is portrayed by Vijay Kumar looks too abrupt and might not be a practical one.

When it comes to performance, there is nothing to mention on the flip side. Be it Vijay Kumar or the dangerous baddies or the newcomer Vismaya, everyone has done a neat job. In fact, their performances etch up substantiality for the roles. Musical score by Govind Vasantha is one of the biggest strengths for the movie.

The film has its drawbacks, when it is tailor made for commercial film audiences, where an issue and its outright breakout to seek solution steal their senses. They will not be bothered to look up for the flaws here.

Uriyadi 2 Movie Review
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Verdict: Strikes up with realistic touches with few commercial ingredients

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