Vellaikkaara Durai Movie Review

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Sri Divya, Soori, John Vijay, M. S. Bhaskar, Meenakshi and more.
Direction : Ezhil
Music: D. Imman
Editing : Kishore Te.
Production : Gopuram films

Story: Soori and Vikram Prabhu borrows money from John Vijay in order to invest in real estate business but the broker cheat them by selling a burial ground. So John Vijay keeps Soori and Vikram in his custody. There Vikram Prabhu falls in love with Sri Divya who is John Vijay’s would be. The rest of the story tells how Vikram Prabhu marries Sri Divya.

Vikram prabhu tries his luck in rural subject to cover B,C audiences. His Screen presence is really good, well settled acting and he did justice to the role which doesn’t have much scope to out perform. Sridivya is performing better than many current actress in the industry. Her role is something similar to Latha Pandy in ‘varuthapadatha valibar sangam’ with half saree costume. VikramPrabhu-Sridivya pair looks cool on screen.

Soori is the actual hero of the film and he is the only savior. His one liners are enjoyable and dialogue modulations are superb. Entire first half rely on Soori. But he gets only countable scenes in the 2nd half. Villain John Vijay as ‘Vatti’ did exactly what was expected from him. Other characters fail to stay in mind.

D.Imman’s music is apt to the film’s flow. Songs are not catchy. Imman is capable of delivering wonderful songs, so for his standard this album is below average. Only one song – ‘Ammadi un azhagu..’. is hummable. ‘Nadigar thilagam..’ song lyrics with sivaji’s film names is appreciable. Nothing much about camera work to do a special mention, Editing is good.

Director Ezhil has his own style of making, this film is also not an exception. Its almost similar to his last outing ‘Desingu Raja’. An out dated story line which we have seen in n number of films. Flat screenplay with an improper mix of humor, emotion, love & action. First half is watchable mainly because of the comedy scenes, soori and dialogues. Second half is not upto the mark. Film ends with an absurd climax.