Vijayanand Movie Review

Vijayanand Movie Review

Vijayanand Movie Review

Kannada filmmaker Rishika Sharma’s second outing ‘Vijayanand’ is a biopic on famous logistics entrepreneur Vijay Sankeshwar, the founder of reputed VRL. The story is about a 19-yr old visionary named Vijay Sankeshwar, who kick-starts his journey of dreams by assisting his father (Anant Nag) in the printing press. Sooner, he wants to get out of the family business and prove his proficiency in travel and logistics. His initial attempts turn out to be bizarre with the upheavals created by the opponents and bigwigs in the industry. However, nothing hampers his ambitious drive, and he continues to strike back with relentless hard work, thereby reaching the destination beyond his initial plans.

There are a couple of things that need to be appreciated about Vijayanand movie. A biopic is a challenging genre to handle, and when it is made by a One-Film old filmmaker like Rishika Sharma, it needs lots of groundwork. But she has exhibited her craftsmanship skills in a perfect style. Secondly, a biopic based on the life of a living legend like Vijay Sankeshwar is possible only with the presence of a mainstream hero. But actor Nihal surprises us with his spellbinding performance that leaves us so astonished indeed. It’s not just us, even his colleagues in the industry would be silenced by his outstanding performances.

The initial hours of the film travel the same route that many earlier biopics of entrepreneurs have already strode. The actual gripping moments pop up only in the interval sequence following which the second hour becomes riveting. In most of the sequences, we get to see the beautiful and brilliant advice passed on by the character of Vijay Sankeshwar to his son. The son’s character reflects the youngsters of today, who are smug-bitten by the idea of becoming rich overnight. Those dialogues can even be considered a pivotal part of management classes as well. The other actors like Bharath Bopanna and Anant Nag come up with extraordinary performances. Actor Ravichandran plays a decent cameo in this movie.

Gopi Sunder has done decorous work with his BGMs and his cinematography is appreciable.

There aren’t any big negatives in the film, except for the length and a few repeated scenes. But that doesn’t dampen our attention

Vijayanand Movie Review
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Verdict: A Spellbinding show that definitely needs to be watched

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