Yashoda Movie Review

Yashoda Movie Review

Yashoda Movie Review

Filmmakers Hari and Harish’s Yashoda featuring Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead role is a Telugu movie, dubbed in Tamil. The film is a suspense-thriller that brings a bunch of familiar actors together.

The film opens with Samantha being seen alongside her younger sister, the orphans, who have big dreams in life, but aren’t achievable. In order to meet the financial demands, Samantha accepts a deal for surrogacy for a big money. Sooner, she finds herself inside a luxurious healthcare hub, where the scenario reflects the ultra-luxurious lifestyle with hundreds of pregnant ladies, taking up the surrogacy deal for one or the other reasons. Everything goes perfect until, the women with labor pain taken into a different zone disappear without any traces. This pushes Samantha to break across those barriers and unravel the mystery. On the parallel, a bunch of police officers are busy investigating the mystery death of a top tycoon in the city. How both these episodes get interwoven forms the crux.

Actress Samantha is the heart and soul of this movie. She has exerted a tremendous effort into the movie, especially in action sequences. Varlaxmi Sarathkumar is just okay. Unni Mukundan has been included merely for the sake of grabbing Malayalam audiences. Then we come across Sampath, who has done a neat job.

The art work by Ashok is one of the main highlights in this movie. Musical score by Mani Sharma is okay. Cinematography is rich with good visuals. Venkat and Yanick Ben as the stunt masters add the best value to this movie.

The first half is so impressive and engrossing that it elevates our anticipations on what’s next. However, the post-interval scenes get simmered with too many stretched out scenes and the climax getting lengthier.

On the whole, Yashoda is a decent attempt that endorses the extraordinary efforts of Samantha, and it’s a watchable flick as it has interesting twists and turns.

Yashoda Movie Review
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Verdict: Samantha greases her elbow and touches the pinnacle of best performance in this impressive thriller.

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