ZEE5 Original Vemal starrer Vilangu web series 5 Episode Review – Decent and Promising package

Vilangu Web Series Review

ZEE5 Original Vemal starrer “Vilangu” web series 5-Episode Review – Decent and Promising package

ZEE5 has been continuously offering its subscribers with some valuable contents that are both content-driven and entertaining at the same time. The last month release ‘Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee’ managed to scale 5Crore Minutes of viewing all over the world. Well, after a long time, they are back with the original web series. The highlighting trait about this web series is that it is made by a bunch of actors and technicians, who didn’t have a major hit in the past 5 years. The series is directed by Prashanth Pandiyaraj of Bruce Lee fame, and is produced by Escape Artists Madan featuring Vemal in the lead role.

This 8-episode web series is premiering on February 18, 2022. The special screening of 5 episodes happened for the press and media fraternity herein Chennai recently.

Well, what’s our earnest thought about Vilangu? First and foremost, the entire unit deserves special mention for making a web series according to the proper paradigm of International standards. We are coming across many namesake web series that are made as movies, and later trimmed into 10-15 minutes as web series. While few groups are involved in these unprofessional and amateur methodologies, ZEE5 has properly executed this series.

The second highlighting trait about this series is that it’s made by a team that had a terrible downfall with their previous works. However, they have made a commendable content ‘Vilangu’, which is going to eclipse their erstwhile flops.

All the 5 episodes have been neatly written and crafted that looks so professional. Moreover, it keeps the audiences engaged. Although it’s a crime-investigation thriller, the director has inserted some humour through the dialogues.

Kudos to the team for coming up with a commendable work. Well, we need to wait and watch the penultimate and final episodes. If these chapters are shaped up well with perfect ending, Vilangu will be a benchmark in the pages of Tamil web series.

Vilangu – Decent and Promising package

ZEE5 Original Vemal starrer “Vilangu” web series 5-Episode Review
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