Pudhu Saththam Lyric Video | Sulthan (Tamil)

by StudioFlickspublished on March 31, 2021

Presenting the Lyric Video of #Sulthan’s 4th single “Pudhu Saththam”.

Song : Pudhu Saththam
Music : Vivek – Mervin
Lyrics : Thanikodi
Singers: Kailash Kher, Vivek Siva & Sameera Bharadwaj

Musician Credits:
Song composed, produced and arranged by: Vivek – Mervin
Keyboard and Synths: Mervin Solomon
Rhythm Produced by: Vivek Siva
Guitars and string instruments: SM Subhani
Harmony and Backing Vocals: Rohit, Neena & Krishna
Recording engineers: Shervin, Jobin & Jeshwanth @ VM LABS, Divine @2Barqstudios
Music manager: Vignesh Sangaran
Mixed and Mastered by: Shadab Rayeen @ New Edge Studios, Mumbai
Assisted by: Abhishek Sortey & Tapas Sahoo
MFIT: Shadab Rayeen @ New Edge Studios , Mumbai