Why can’t Ajith and Vijay do a SRK’s Dear Zindagi?

Why can’t and do a SRK’s ?

Every time when we watch a Bollywood superstar suddenly emerging up with a surprise either through roles or genre of film that pick up, we definitely get this idea. Over the span of years, we have seen the reigning superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan coming up with exceptional roles that weren’t into the commercial aspects, but had a substantial story and role too. Films like Anbulla Rajinikanth were a stark example, where we found that Rajinikanth shed his superstar image and tried to come up with something more genuinely realistic. Kamal Haasan doesn’t need any examples for most of his roles have been of such illustrations.

Well, just imagine if a star like Kumar or plays Kabbadi with the bubbling waves across the shores

But then gradually in accordance to the time, this trend had gradually kept declining and not often we did see the actors of reigning superstardom league come up with daring experiments. Thanks to Ajith Kumar! He managed to make a small but convincing cameo appearance in Sridevi’s English Vinglish. But then, the Hindi version had a much more senior actor like Amitabh Bachchan playing the same role. Apparently, what becomes a huge question now is the same filmmaker Gauri Shinde coming up with her second outing titled ‘’, which is hitting screens this Friday. What we really got to see from the film’s teaser and trailer is the screen presence of Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan, who plays an extended cameo in this film as a psychiatrist. Although the teasers had a very little glimpse of this man, it was really inspiring and sparkled up smile upon our faces. Well, just imagine if a star like Ajith Kumar or Vijay plays Kabbadi with the bubbling waves across the shores, it brings a new dimension to life isn’t it? Definitely, it could have a huge impact upon the fans.

Yes, we could say that Suriya attempted a similar styled role in ‘Pasanga 2’, which worked out to a certain extent, but then it couldn’t make a bigger reach for the content was good, but the narrative aspects slightly went down the graph.

This can become possible in Tamil film industry only when there are bold producers to come forward

In fact, this could be the films that the actors themselves can produce and have an experimental stroke upon it. This can become possible in Tamil film industry only when there are bold producers to come forward and make a film with strong content. Say for instance, Dear Zindagi is a film that comes from the production of Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan, filmmaker Gauri Shinde and Karan Johar. It does really need this drive out here in Tamil industry, where it would surely take not just the actors and business to the next level beyond boundaries, but the mindset of audiences too.

Sometimes, Life lessons does need teachers whom some fans deeply look upon their matinee idols like….

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