Sivalinga Movie Review

Writer & Director : P.Vasu
Producer : R.Ravindran
Cast : Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, Urvashi
Music : S.S.Thaman
Cinematography : Sarvesh Murari
Editor : Suresh Urs
Production company : Trident Arts
Running Time : 157 mins

A horror-comedy by its genre has always worked out best for P Vasu and Raghava Lawrence in their respective careers. The earnest combination itself had a positive vibe to sprout out among the commercial film lovers. Of course, by the first 20 minutes, you can clearly find out that it’s a movie not meant for critical analysis, but to sit back, relax and enjoy, especially for the ones from sub-urban and rural league of audiences.

The film that happens to be a remake of P Vasu’s Kannada hit ‘Shivalinga’ starred Shivarajkumar and Vedhika in lead roles. With the film adapted to the regional tastes of Tamil, it goes through some alterations for the sake of Raghava Lawrence’s fans.

The movie opens with Rahim (Sakthi) mysteriously killed by a stranger in a fast running train that is declared as suicide by police department. Doubting that there could be some mystery behind this, his girlfriend approaches CBCID to reopen the case and it is gradually handed to Shiva Lingeshwaran (Raghava Lawrence). But what happens to be a usual investigation for Shiva turns out to be a bizarre when his personal life gets affected with supernatural experiences.

First and foremost, as mentioned above, this is a film meant for entertainment and there’s no point incisively looking into analysis of logic and other elements. By the very scene even before the titling, we are introduced to the story premise following which after few minutes of protagonists’ introduction, the narration shifts straight into the plot. Vadivelu carries the first half on his shoulders and Ritika Singh-Sakthi duo rules the second half following which Raghava Lawrence gets a meaty scope towards the end.

There isn’t much on the flip side, but the songs that are fast-paced catering to the tastes of Raghava Lawrence fans doesn’t fit well to this supernatural thriller. Of course, as songs they completely entertain, but it becomes a speed breaker upon the engaging screenplay. The final song that brings up the montage of investigations is very well done with CG works too. Ritika Singh slightly travels through the Post-Irudhi Suttru phase and she has to slightly focus getting more feminine attitude. Vadivelu is the ultimate showstopper and Shivalinga can be regarded as his best comeback, where he is back tickling our funny bones throughout the show. Sakthi finally gets a good scope to perform and he has given his heart and soul into the project.

Overall, Sivalinga carries elements that will definitely attract family audiences for the summer vacations for humour and horror elements.

Sivalinga Movie Review
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Sivalinga: Watch it for twists and turns iced by Vadivelu’s hilarious portions.

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