Aramm Movie Review

Aramm Movie Review
Aramm Movie Review
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Aramm Movie Review

Written & DirectionGopi Nainar
ProducerKotapadi J Rajesh
CinematographyOm Prakash
Production company
KJR Studios
Running Time
120 mins


Nayantara starrer Aramm has been the talk of town, which had kept us going with high expectations. Famous writer Gopi Nainar has directed this film, which features Nayantara as a district collector, who recollects a day that changed her life.

It all starts with a commission set up by Government to question Nayantara’s drastic decision over a particular shocking incident. The entire movie is narrated with the questions and explanations between them that shift back and forth with the incident. The first initial moments of the film could be regarded are slightly slow, but it gets right into the actual stuff before the interval.

The second half gets more gripping with the course of screenplay and there is no distraction anywhere. But some of the issues that are far away from the actual problem of moment look artificial. When the mission is going strong and sometimes failing, we get to see the protagonist being educated by the villagers about water issues. On the other end, the topic about rocket launch discussed in news channel creates a kind of disturbance. Moreover, we could hear some of the audiences getting annoyed with this segment. While the situational pressure is intense, the sudden transit towards this discussion becomes a huge hurdle.

Nayantara doesn’t overact or try to show up her mass appeal anywhere, except the final shot, where the voiceover makes it all clear about her new mission. Musical score by Ghibran stands out to be a major highlight of this film and it escalates the writing of Gopi to a much bigger stretch.

Om Prakash gives an impeccable work with his cinematographer. You might wonder what Peter Hein is doing in a film that doesn’t have a stunt sequence. Just watch out for the rescue mission, which is completely choreographed by him. The film adds the emotional content to a greater degree, which will work out among universal audiences.

Aramm Movie Review
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Aramm : A thought-provoking social thriller

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