Carbon Movie Review

Carbon Movie Review

Carbon Movie Review

The film’s title and its significant relevance to the story premise always attributes to the engaging factor in a movie. In this aspect, director Seenuvasan has done a good work over choosing a befittingly perfect title. Carbon is always related to the ‘Carbon Xerox’, or in simple term, a replica. The Happy-go-lucky and good-for-nothing son (Vidharth) always spends his time shooting breeze with his friends. His anxious father (Marimuthu) wants to see him get settled in his life with a good job. While everything seems to be going the routine way, the protagonist develops an additional sensory power, where what he dreams over a night happens in real life, the very next day. He gets appalled over the nightmarish dream of his father killed in a road accident. To make things worse, it happens in real life as well. While his father is struggling for his life, the protagonist has to meet the financial demands for his father’s treatment and at the same time, recollect every minute element in the dream to get hold of the culprit behind this accident.

While listening to the story, it gives an impressive experience, and should have been the producers, who were amused. However, director Seenuvasan struggles to translate the written works into the visual mode. To be precise, the writing itself is a blatant mediocre. With the basic plot alone raising the bars of expectations on what’s going to be next, the screenplay hampers and dampens this curiousness. Moreover, it’s annoying to see the hero character cuddling with his girlfriend, when his father is fighting for his life in ICU. When it comes to performance, Vidharth and Danya Balakrishnan have done a decent job. However, their characterizations are poorly written. Not to miss the ridiculous sketch of a police officer, who almost behaves like an apartment association helper… So many flaws of this sort make Carbon, a pathetic experience.

Director Seenuvasan has a good plot to convince the mystery-thriller movie buffs, but terribly fails to craft the screenplay.

Carbon Movie Review
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Verdict: A good gist that terribly fails due to poor writing

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