Enakkul Oruvan Movie Review

Cast : Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Srushti Dange, Aadukalam Naren and more.
Editing : Leo John Paul
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : Gopi Amarnath
Written : Pawan Kumar
Direction : Prasad Ramar
Production : Thirukumaran Entertainment
Distribution : Dream Factory, Radiance Media

Movie is an official remake of critically acclaimed super-hit Kannada film ‘Lucia’. Film is all about a pill named ‘Lucia’ which makes the consumer to live another life as per his wish in dreams and what happens when hero takes the pills. Highlight is the non linear narration with two stories in parallel, one in real and another in dreams.

This is Siddharth’s 25th film. He plays two roles as a film actor and a theater torch-shiner. Siddharth delivers good performance, he differentiates two roles with different body language and dialogue delivery. He looks dashing in the actor role with cool hairstyle and coolers. He dances gracefully. It’s going to be a memorable movie in his career.

Heroine Deepa Sannidhi is not an apt choice for this remake. She had lot of scope to perform in both roles, but she struggles hard to emote. Among two characters, she scores in that village girl role. Naren once again proves his acting skills. There are many small characters like Ajay Rathnam, Srushti Dange and John vijay who fails to stick to our mind.

Santhosh Narayanan is the music composer of the film. Apt music and songs. Total five songs in the movie. Pick of the album is definitely ‘Poo Avizhum..’, ‘Prabalamahavey..’ and ‘Endi Ippadi…’ song dance choreography is very good. Siddharth’s voice perfectly suits for the intro song – ‘prabalamahavey..’. ’Kuttipoochi..’ song in the second half is an unnecessary addition.

Gopi Amaranth’s cinematography is on top notch, movie has two portions, one is color section and another is black and white. Camera work is too good especially in the black and white portions. Film had good scope for editing and the debut editor Leo John Paul did a fantastic job. 50% of the credits should go to him. His work is clearly visible in each and every scene. Art work is also commendable.

Screenplay by Pawan kumar, the original Lucia writer. There is no major change in this version. Ditto scenes. Film is directed by debutant Prasad Ramar. He partially manages to create the same magic. First half of the film moves like a slow plain drama with not much interesting scenes. Second half is good with an Intelligent climax. Mapping between the real and dream scenes are simply superb.

Few notable scenes are the press meet conversation, pre climax TV interview, Theater guy Siddharth abuses in English etc. Producer C V Kumar yet again delivers a quality product. Those who haven’t watched Lucia will enjoy the movie. Comparing to the original, this version stays below. Overall the film is definitely watchable for its presentation and the different attempt.