Jail Movie Review

Jail Movie Review

Jail Movie Review

Very few filmmakers have made the Tamil movie industry prouder by making films that travel deep down the abyss of our emotional spaces. Such movies aren’t confined to one particular region or language, but break those barriers, thereby becoming a universal masterpiece. Significantly, director Vasantha Balan enthralled many hearts with his outstanding films like Veyil and Angaadi Theru. When the announcement about his new project ‘JAIL’ was made, especially with the hint that this movie premise is set against a backdrop of a slum housing board (Located 30Kms from Chennai City), it instilled more curiosities to know how hard-hitting and rustic the movie is going to be. In contrast, we are sent out of the theaters with a big letdown…

Set against the backdrops of Cauvery Colony (A slum housing board comprising 2.5Lac families), we come across a young wayward Karuna (GV Prakash), who spends his day and night indulged in petty thefts and illegal activities. His friends, doting mother, and a new resident (Abarnathi), who becomes his sweetheart, becomes his paradise. But his life gets shattered with the corrupt cop (Ravi Mariah) playing his game of pawn. Will he be able to save himself from the troubled waters?

The honest word to define JAIL is – DISAPPOINTMENT. By the middle of this film, we start doubting if this is a product from a critically-acclaimed filmmaker like Vasantha Balan. The major portion of the first half is completely used for the introduction and establishment of characters. When we wait for some intensity in the screenplay, we are dragged over and again, only to witness a lazy predictable ending. Even the basic story itself isn’t something new to Tamil cinema. Over the years, we have seen many movies depicting the deplorable lives of slum dwellers. Henceforth, this movie fails to enliven our movie-watching experience.

As with performances, GV Prakash and Abarnathi have given their best to the show. The episodes involving them are cute indeed. Even their on-screen chemistry works out well. Ravi Mariah keeps us in doubting with a huge confusion from beginning till the end if he is a serious or comedy villain. The other actor playing the role of Rocky has given a decorous performance. Pasanga fame Pandi has exhibited a mature performance, and his screen presence is getting better with every film. Radhika Sarathkumar, PT Selvakumar, and other actors lack the scope.

Technically, it’s only the melodious number ‘Kaathoodu’ that steals our attention. The BGM score looks good, but when the visuals and storytelling aren’t gripping, the music can’t find its place of appreciation.

Overall, JAIL that kept us engrossed with high expectations leaves us heavily disappointed. It’s a routine commercial potboiler with a climax that looks to be forced in. Lots of logical issues and lack of impact in storytelling make this movie a boring fare.

Jail Movie Review
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Verdict: A big letdown from director Vasantha Balan for its time-worn story, and lazy-predictable screenplay.

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