Katteri Movie Review

Katteri Movie Review

Katteri Movie Review

Bedtime stories (a) Patti Kadhaigal (Grandma Tales) in Tamil is something that every individual can relate to. Those stories we heard from our elders during the bedtime were a sort of moments involving Goosebumps, thrills and chills that we enjoyed as kids. Significantly, not many production houses and filmmakers have attempted translating these short stories into movies.

Filmmaker Deekay’s latest outing Katteri scoops up its premise from this pattern. In fact, this is indeed a good experimental work that has more probabilities to work out well among the universal crowds. Unfortunately, his attempt to drop in the double entendre and below the belt comedy dilutes this intensity, thereby juggling the movie between these domains. He should have either made it a ‘Teen Horror-Comedy’ or else, should have focused completely into horror premise. Yet another disappointing fact is the overdose of adult comedy. His directorial debut ‘Yaamirukka Bayamey’ had these elements, but was somewhat enjoyable, as one could relate it with the pattern of K Bhagyaraj’s writing style. It even continued to exist in his second outing Kavalai Vendaam. Well, these movies, if watched even today, didn’t irk up our experience. Regrettably, he goes overboard in Katteri. The conmen rubbing the flesh of wife, and his husband watching it as a spectator – Does it makes any sense? This is what we are trying to point out as his previous movies dealt with even mature and complex situations, where a girl, her ex-husband and future husband share the same shelter, but it didn’t look like a mess.

Getting on with the positive part, the main plot needs special mention as it keeps our attention arrested, especially the last 30 minutes.

Overall, Katteri has a good story premise and is even interesting in many parts. It has good humour, and the fairy tale factor is engrossing too. But if Deekay had attempted to bring in some freshness and adding engrossing moments, it would have outperformed his Yaamirukka Bayamey. To be precise, when it comes to horror vs comedy, it fails to stick towards one particular domain, and confuses the audiences.

Katteri Movie Review
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Verdict: Katteri has a fairy tale laced with horror that is appreciable, but fails over its attempt in presenting it.

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