Kee Music Review

Kee Music Review

Kee Music Review

Vishal Chandrasekhar, one who gradually raising to the top in the music industry by giving quality music coming up with Kee movie by giving rap, melody and chorus songs. Lets see how far it connect with us!

1. Raaja Paattu
Singer : Christopher Stanley
Lyrics : Madhan Karky | Sri Rascol(Rap)

An energetic trap song where music at high tone throughout till end. Beats and tunes competitive enough and when the rap portions comes, it blow out over the top. Keyboard cover for the main bgm is the highlight and repeats at regular intervals. Vishal’s party song appeals to the youth yet lyrics are kept under the wrap and hard to hear clearly!

2. Pattikichu Pathiya
Singer : Devanekambaram | Keshavvinod | Niranj Suresh | Ajesh Ashok | Jagatheesh
Lyrics : Mani Amuthavan

A feel good friendship song with variation in vocals from a bunch of singers. Simple and witty lyrics takes the front seat and at the end of the song we used to the chrous and sing along is the real beauty! Overall song gives the feel of 90s track.

3. Kaadhoram
Singer : Vijay Prakash | Sinduri | Sathyaprakash | Nikhil Mathew
Lyrics : Thamarai

A light music, romance, Thamarai lyrics what else you need for a melody number? Instant likeable song with a fast bit multiple times which is the changeover place for next singer in line! Everyone gives their best vocals. Song concludes with that electric bit where the violin and bass cover mix leads to a different level!

4. Kudutha Paru Kee
Singer : Syd Ibu (Tupakeys)
Lyrics : Syd Ibu

Another rap song in the album with a mix of traditional instruments here and there. Tupakeys groups with their unique tune and repetitive rhythm make it sounds good.

Singer : Krishna Prasad S | Premgi | Gowthambharadwaj | Jagatheesh
Lyrics : Subu

An entertaining masala song with friendship quotes and advises in a humorous lyrics. Trumpet to cover the song completely and overall its just another song to pass by causally with montage video!

Pick Of the Album : Kaadhoram