Richie Movie Review

Richie Movie Review

Richie Movie Review

Direction Gautham Ramachandran
Producer Anand Kumar
Vinod Shornur
Cast Nivin Pauly
Natarajan Subramaniam
Shraddha Srinath
Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli
Prakash Raj
Music B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography Pandi Kumar
Editor Athul Vijay
Production company CAST n’ CREW
Running Time
110 mins


Nivin Pauly’s first ever release in Tamil ‘Richie’ happens to be the remake of super hit Kannada movie ‘Ulidhavaru Kandante’. The film is directed by Gautham Ramachandran with Shraddha Srinath, Natraj Subramaniam and Prakash Raj in important roles.

An incident across Manapaad on Christmas eve has been kept us mystery. Megha (Shraddha Srinath), a journalist sets out to unravel the mystery recording the testimonies of what actually happened that night. This takes her into the life of Richie (Nivin Pauly), a ruffian in town and some of the other characters as well.

Nivin Pauly has strained a lot in getting neat rendition with his dubbing

The technical team deserves the first appreciations for being so genuine and perfect in their works. Music director Ajaneesh has done a remarkable job with his background and the cinematography is top-notch as well. The dialogues in many places become so much stronger over intensifying the strength of characterizations. The actors too get their portions done very well perfectly. Especially, Nivin Pauly has strained a lot in getting neat rendition with his dubbing, though, we can find traces of Malayalam slang. But his body language and mannerisms are completely top-notch. Natraj Subramaniam gets to take a decent appeal with his performance. Prakash Raj, Shraddha Srinath and few others just appear for namesake. Elango Kumaravelan has done a neat work with his episodes.

‘Richie’ has a very substantive plot and premise with strong characters

This kind of movie that actually traverses through different roles, should have taken some more time to establish the characters and its conflicts. The original version in Kannada made it happen although the running length was nearly 2hrs 45mins. But here with the running length limited to less than 2hrs, we don’t get much with emotions. Nivin Pauly might have come to theatres with lots of expectations on mass level, but they are bounded to disappointments as ‘Richie’ doesn’t belong to such zones.

On the whole, ‘Richie’ has a very substantive plot and premise with strong characters, but the way it gets narrated slightly lacks the punch that original version carried.