Viruman Movie Review

Viruman Movie Review

Viruman Movie Review

Actor Karthi and director Muthaiah together delivered a family entertainer ‘Komban’, and are back with ‘Viruman’. The movie features Aditi Shankar in the female lead with Prakash Raj, Saranya Ponvannan, RK Suresh and few more prominent actors as a part of star-cast. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this movie, which has cinematography handled by S.K. Selvakumar.

The story set in rural backdrops centers around the feud between Muniyandi (Prakash Raj), a Tasildar and his youngest son Viruman (Karthi). Viruman has been a witness to the gruesome death of his mother (Saranya Ponvannan), and has alienated himself from his father, who was the cause for her culmination. Will the bitterness in them vanish or do they get succumbed to unbearable fate forms the crux of this story.

While the family genre has been disappearing gradually in movies with urban backdrops, it is good to see few filmmakers are attempting to create it in the rural arenas. Yes, the movie might give you an impression of already seen and experienced drama from erstwhile village based entertainers, but there’s a point that needs to be considered. Unlike the urban tales that can endorse raw teen romance to the gory violence and even take a step ahead to fantasies, village bound tales always adore family and relationships.

If you feel the movie resembling the pattern of erstwhile village entertainers, then that’s not going to be a minus… Maybe, the father and son being loggerheads might not be a cherry-pick for many audiences. However, looking deep into some cases in reality, there have been such family conditions, where women are confined to the male chauvinists, and go through pain and tribulations. Director Muthaiah has clearly depicted the pathos through this movie. When it comes to commercial elements, the first few minutes might given an impression of old-fashioned narration, but sooner with Prakash Raj’s performance, things get balanced. Karthi as Viruman looks like a resonance of his Paruthiveeran and Komban, which has become an unavoidable part of his rural based performances. Aditi Shankar suits well for the village bell role, but it would be nice if she can control her hyper-active approach in dance. However, her performance and dialogue deliveries are appreciable. Soori has limited portions, but his one liners are better than his previous movies.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are commendable. The song ‘Ganja Poo Kannaala’ is a special delight and he attempts to give a decent stroke in BGM as well.

There are few slow-paced moments in the movie, but overall, Viruman is a tailor-made treat for the family audiences, which is made decently.

Viruman Movie Review
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Verdict: Viruman might look a clichéd story, but keeps the family audiences engaged.

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