Kadamaiyai Sei Movie Review

Kadamaiyai Sei Movie Review

Kadamaiyai Sei Movie Review

Actor SJ Suryah, who made a stunning onscreen comeback with movies like Maanaadu and Don is back now playing the lead role through the movie ‘Kadamaiyai Sei’. The movie is directed by Venkat Raghavan, a former associate of director Sundar C, who directed Muthina Kathirikka, which is a decent entertainer. Kadamaiyai Sei features SJ Suryah in the lead role with Yashika Anand, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Vincent Ashokan, and few others.

The movie revolves around Ashok (SJ Suryah), a civil engineer, who loses his job. Unable to meet his family needs, he secures a job as security guard at an apartment. Sooner, he realizes that there is a mess-up in the construction, and the lives of residents are at stake. While he tries to address this problem, he is hit by an accident and succumbs to hospital under a weird coma case. Will be able to save the innocent lives? If so how?

SJ Suryah has never missed to give his best into any given roles. He always makes sure of rendering a dedicated performance. This movie is no exception as he strives to deliver the promising show. Yashika Anand as the spouse of SJ Suryah lives up to the expectations. The rest of the star-cast are completely disappointing. Nothing to blame the actors as they look unsure about their characterization and it’s up to the director, who should have written them clearly. The audience, throughout the movie is sure to get confused whether they are watching a comedy or serious movie. Say for instance, there is a scene, where SJ Suryah tries to give a good performance by walking weirdly as a characteristic feature of his disorder. But it is treated with humour and seriousness at the same time, which makes us difficult to distinguish. More than all, the characterization of Naan Kadavul Rajendran adds no impression to the movie. The story is good, but the screenwriting looks too stretched out, and the second half is extremely dragging.

Filmmaker Venkat Raghavan is capable of making good entertainers, and has contributed a lot in writing for Sundar C’s movies. However, Kadamaiyai Sei turns out to be a disappointment. Hope, he bounces back and delivers a good movie as his next outing.

Kadamaiyai Sei Movie Review
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Verdict: The movie lacks the engagement factor and looks dragging in many places

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