Lift Movie Review

Lift Movie Review

Actor Kavin’s much-awaited LIFT that was supposed to hit screens before a long time and finally arrives in Disney Plus Hotstar tonight. The film features Kavin and Amritha Iyer in the lead roles and is directed by Vineeth Varaprasad.

The film opens with Kavin taking up a new job as Team Leader. He has to lead a team in generating a new project. He comes across the HR (Amritha Iyer) and both of them have already met in a not so good situation, but combating egoistically. Well, the story takes a turn when both of them get locked inside their office building and encounter paranormal activities.

Director Vineeth Varaprasad clearly registers that Lift is his brain child. From minute detailing, unveiling the knot and mystery by end deserves special mention. His ability to offer thrills and chills with scary moments and slightly inserting humour keeps us engrossed.

When it comes to performances, Kavin nails it down perfectly with what is offered to him. Major portions of the film is banked on his performance and he has done complete justice to the role. Amritha Iyer gets a meaty role. Her characterization is neatly sketched. The director has clearly understood that without a girl character, the movie would definitely turn out to be boredom. He has carefully created and developed this role that works out decent result in screenplay. Actor Kathir brings up an emotional package with his appearance although his role is minimal. The other actors appear not more than 20 mins.

But guess who are the real showstoppers? They are none other than the technical crew. In particular, the Cinematography turns to be the intriguing part adding intensity to the screenplay. Say for instance, the action sequence involving knife within the lift is a brilliant stroke. The other technical department that instantly steals our attention is sound editing. These wizards together endow movie with a strong visual factor.

Lift would have definitely been a great experience in the theaters for its visual and sound effect.

On the whole, Lift is watchable for its intense storyline, gripping narration, spine chilling moments, and good performances.

Lift Movie Review
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Verdict – Chills, Thrills and highly engaging

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