Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review

Hiphop Aadhi has owned a confidence right from the days of his independent music artist, which he continues to possess as an actor, and now a director-producer. His directorial debut ‘Sivakumarin Sabadham’ releasing all over the world today (September 30, 2021) is something special in his career. Yes, he proves to be a responsible artist. Not very often we come across the actors trying to pick up a social issue that might not be as igniting as a caste-corruption, but Hiphop makes a daring stride by picking up a premise that is based on true incidents. Many weavers who own a heritage of creating the masterpiece silk works are deprived of what they are supposed to be enjoying. By the end credits, we come across the pictorial presentation of historical heritage of Kanchipuram in accordance to the silk weaving (Well, most of the audiences walked out of the theaters as they all came for Hiphop Aadhi, but not for what he conveyed by the end. Maybe, we can expect their presence in the forthcoming shows).

So what’s the story all about?

We see Sivakumar (Hiphop Aadhi) as a carefree but responsible chap in the town of Kanchipuram, pampered by his grandfather, who was once a maverick silk sari weaver. Certain incidents involving his uncle Murugan (who is just 2-3 years elder than Sivakumar), played by Prankster Rahul takes him to take a vow with the one, who cheated his grandfather.

What’s the promise? How the unfortunate family becomes fortunate? The rest is narrated and presented in an entertaining manner.

The first half of Sivakumarin Sabadham comprises fun and enjoyable moments, and the story delves into the emotional zone by second hour. But that doesn’t stop the director Hiphop Aadhi from entertaining his fans, majorly consisting of teen groups. There’s humour, lots of songs, a couple of funny fight sequences and more than all, a beautiful package of family sentiments and values.

Hiphop Aadhi as a performer does a decent job. He has now become the favourite kid of every home, and audience are ready to accept him in boy-to-next-door roles. With Sivakumarin Sabadham, he yet again proves it evidently. Madhuri gives an impression of watching Moscowin Kaveri Samantha in few places, but that’s a slightest resemblance. She has nothing great to perform though. Prankster Rahul gets a meaty role. He evokes humour and emotionally imbibes us. The other actors have done an excellent job. As a director Hiphop Aadhi has extracted the best potentials from the actors. VJ Parvathy is merely used for the sake of publicity in cyber space, but her characterization is weak.

Technically, the songs are a delightful treat for his fans. Cinematography and editing are good. If you’re looking out for the flip side, there’s nothing much to mention. Sathya Jyothi Films has catered to the tastes of family audiences across the decades. It’s nice to see they have chosen a good film and made it available for family audiences again.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review
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Verdict: A family entertainer that has an enjoyable package with an emotional story premise

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